Daily preparation at least twelve months
before taking the SAT or ACT is advised to achieve the highest score possible.
When working with our tutors, students get prepared for their official SAT or
ACT by focusing on the areas they struggle with to make improvements to their
skills and know-how.

While the ACT and SAT are somewhat
similar, they are different tests. The ACT is a standard test used to measure a
students competence in math, English, science, reading, and optionally in
writing. Pupils in their junior or senior year are eligible to take the test
and present their scores to preferred colleges when making their application.

Regardless of preparing for the ACT or
SAT, students getting tutored are likely to improve their overall grades.
Particularly in the topics getting studied. As their grades rise, as a result,
this helps to improve their Grade Point Average (GPA), which is another
critical determining factor in college acceptance. We use the best techniques
to help students learn in all relevant subjects.

 2 hours (120 minutes) – $150 Brooklyn.

2 hours (120 minutes) – $170 Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island.