High School students who are serious about gaining entrance into a preferred college or university can find out where they stand by taking the PSAT Test. Typically, students take the PSAT in their junior year. However, many sophomore students opt to take the PSAT to get familiar with the test first. The only score considered for the National Merit Scholarship competition is the one taken during junior year. It is worth noting that NYC specialized schools require a thorough understanding and knowledge of mathematics and the English language, so it’s critical to meet these standards.

Our tutors help prepare students for the PSAT test, ahead of taking their official SAT. Our goal is to help assure that our clients get the attention and tutoring they need to achieve the best scores possible.


2 hours (120 minutes) – $150 Brooklyn.

2 hours (120 minutes) – $170 Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island.