When it comes to your student’s education we comprehend you will have lots concerns when picking the finest SAT or ACT Prep Course.

Our  Courses meet for 6 hours of class two times per week, with a 4-hour test every week. A total of 60 course hours. 4-hour examinations are planned to mimic test-day conditions in order to assist students construct the endurance they require for the actual test. In addition, homework is appointed throughout the course for trainees to finish in the house in between classes.

We comprehend that students periodically miss a number of classes or tests throughout our 6-week course, and even begin the course a week late. Since we hold makeup and review sessions at the end of the course that cover any product your trainee would have missed, there is no reason to fret. In addition, students in our online courses can see recordings of the classes they missed out on. Please note that a particular quantity of missed class time may void the warranty related to your course. To find out more, please visit our Terms.

When Should My Child Take An SAT/ACT Course?

The answer to this question is as quickly as possible. We discover that trainees who take our classes as freshmen or sophomores typically get the greatest SAT/ACT scores, go to the very best colleges, and win the most scholarships. It’s likewise useful to take an SAT course prior to October of your child’s junior year so that they score high up on the PSAT in order to end up being a National Merit Finalist (comparable to $100,000+ in college scholarships). In addition, our courses not just teach students how to progress at the SAT/ACT, but also how to end up being much better standardized test-takers in basic. The techniques students discover in our courses will assist them on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP Exams, SAT Subject Exams, State High School Standardized Exams, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc.

Traditionally, students better at critical and analytical thinking need to take the SAT and students better at learning content should take the ACT. However, with the redesign of the SAT in March of 2019, both the SAT and ACT are more similar than ever. Therefore, it does not matter which examination your student takes. Universities and colleges do not choose one examination over the other. One benefit to getting ready for the SAT is that it will likewise prepare students for the PSAT that is administered in October of their junior year, which can qualify them for National Merit scholarships!

How Does Private Tutoring Work?

Many of our tutors are also trainers who teach  Prep Expert Course, so you remain in good hands. Each tutoring session is 2-hours long and set up around a time most practical for your trainee. Tutors primarily work with students through our online tutoring platform, but can meet trainees in-person in specific areas of the nation based upon their geographical place. Students will likewise be asked to take practice tests by themselves at house – which is definitely vital for big score improvements.