RCT’s or Regents Competency High School tests are exit exams given to students to identify their proficiency in mathematics. The ability to pass the tests for Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry plays a significant role in a student’s overall SAT score. Our experienced mathematic tutors work with students of all math backgrounds and ability levels to improve their understanding and calculation skills. Our tutors help to strengthen math solving abilities that last for well beyond their time with their tutor.

If you or your favorite high school pupil is having troubles learning any of the subjects that get assessed in college tests including the ACT, SAT, PSAT, SHSAT, or Regents exams, get in touch today. Our experienced and friendly staff members are here to discuss your needs, as well as how our professional college preparatory tutoring services can help you achieve favorable test scores ahead of college application.

 2 hours (120 minutes) – $150 Brooklyn.

2 hours (120 minutes) – $170 Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island.