When you are getting ready

to apply for college and universities, you want to be sure that your academic scores align with all the requirements and expectations of the learning institution.

Low SAT scores can disqualify you for college admission or require you to take extra prerequisite classes in the subjects where you are falling behind. Additionally, low SAT scores can limit your ability to qualify for grants and scholarships. As you can imagine, any financial aid helps take care of the fiscal side of getting your secondary education.

Our tutoring and tutorial services

connect students with an experienced team of teachers and tutors who have years of experience. We use an individualized approach to teaching to help all of our students achieve their full potential before taking their official entrance exams.

While we work with students to improve all aspects of their college entrance exams, our math tutoring services are where we excel. We have a passion for teaching mathematics.

We use our love for math to make learning exciting and fun for our tutoring students. Our unique teaching techniques help to assure that everyone succeeds, and an improved SAT score is guaranteed!

Ongoing tutoring helps to monitor students progress, and work on areas of the exams where they need the most gains.

Many of our students have advanced to attend the university or college of their choice as a result of working with our experienced tutoring professionals. We help with all facets of college preparatory testing to help assure our students have the best chance of acceptance at their preferred secondary learning institution.


Vladyslav Shyrin

Vladyslav Shyrin

Head Teacher