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According to information from the College Board, over 7.8 million students took a PSAT or SAT-related testing assessment during the 2017-18 academic school year. As you can imagine, this means there is no shortage of competition for high school students who are vying for acceptance in their first choice of colleges and universities.

For SAT Preparation, we use the best SAT Prep Guides/Test Preparation
books by companies such as Kaplan, College Board, Princeton Review,
Barron’s, and others.

To assure that you have the best chances for acceptance at your college or university of choice, attaining high marks on your SAT – or Scholastic Aptitude Test – is critical.

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key to achieving the bestSAT Tutoring Prepares You For Success

Luckily, students who are considering college after high school graduation have plenty of time to prepare for taking their SAT. Some students begin SAT tutoring as early as 8th grade. As with everything life, preparation is the key to achieving the best possible SAT scores and securing admission at the college of your choice.

The Benefits of

SAT Tutoring in NYC

SAT Tutoring in NYCOne-on-one Private Tutoring

One-on-one Private Tutoring is customized to meet your unique requirements, whether you need help with critical reading, mathematics, or writing.
Experienced teachers and tutors understand the testing process and help to provide insights and advice for students to achieve higher scores.
Weekly sessions strengthen skills and understanding of the subjects that are covered.

Strengthen Your Skills And Improve Your Weaknesses

If you have your heart set on acceptance at a particular college or university, tutoring for all the applicable academic tests helps you immensely. Tutors work with you to improve in areas where you have weaknesses, as well as strengthen your skills in areas where you excel.  In addition to assisting students in getting ready for their SAT, tutors are available to assist in preparation for their ACT, PSAT, SHSAT, and Math Regents Exam.



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    Start your preparation at least a year in advance

    The decisions you make early in your life are the ones that are most likely to affect the rest of your life. Getting the highest SAT scores helps to assure that you can gain entrance into your desired college so that you can pursue your profession of choice. For these reasons, it is always a good idea to begin studying for your test at least a year in advance. By doing so, you are giving yourself enough time to work on areas where you're struggling and strengthen your skills in the subjects you're most comfortable.

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    Practice Makes Perfect

    The best way to make sure that you are on track to get high SAT scores is to work on it often. In many cases, working with a tutor who specializes in SAT a couple of times a week helps you target the areas where you're struggling. For best results, you should also set aside time to study by yourself for an hour or two daily, so that you can ace your test with ease.

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    There Is No Time For Study Breaks

    There's a small window of opportunity for students to get the best SAT score possible. When preparing for such a significant test, there is no time for study breaks, regardless of whether it is a summer break or not. By continuously studying, you reap the benefits of staying fresh on your topics, and not losing skills over an extended break period. Further, this helps to keep your mind engaged and instills discipline to help you build a stronger foundation for the rest of your educational pursuits.

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    Make Sure You Know Your Formulas

    Mathematics is one of the most significant study areas where students struggle. The best way to assure that you ace your SAT is by reviewing, studying, and memorizing the formulas to solve SAT equations. By committing these formulas to memory, you save time and frustration when completing your official SAT test.

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    Preparing For Your SAT Test

    Your SAT test is one of the most important tests you're going to take in your life. For this reason, always be sure you're ready for the test. Cramming for the examination can result in lower scores or fatigue, so planning for success ahead of time is critical. By allowing enough time to learn everything you need to know, you can enter into the test with confidence and ease. Be sure to take and review study notes to make things easier for yourself!

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